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Subscribe to the PodcastDid you miss an episode? Want to get your weekly dose of class-war-fightin’ Socialism delivered to you? Got iTunes then click here, or go to the the page or the Seeing Red Radio Page at Seeing Red is broadcast terrestrially and can be heard on the Valley Free Radio webstream on Thursdays at 8 PM Eastern. Podcast available on Saturday. Seeing Red Radio is also now available at for any Pacifica Network Affiliate that is interested in adding Seeing Red to their broadcast schedule. If so, please contact comrade(at) Seeing Red can also be found at, and

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  1. February 5, 2009 3:48 am

    Airing Seeing Red on Upstart Radio. Nicely done. Cheers!

    • seeingredradio permalink
      February 5, 2009 4:14 am

      Thanks. I’ll put up a link to the site. You air a few of my faves. It’s good to be in such fine company.

  2. Camilo Basquiat Hemingway permalink
    March 27, 2009 9:03 pm

    I love the show and the great information! I myself am a MAOIST, and a great admirer of the BLACK PANTHER PARTY.
    get at me when you can.

    In solidarity

  3. WakeUpAmerika permalink
    April 27, 2009 4:26 pm

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE update your podcasts… The latest podcast of the show as of now is from april 9th!!!

    *(its april 27’th as im writing this)

    I really look forward to your show and check every day several times to see if you’ve updated it yet. and i’m usually sorely disapointed.

    I’m sure i’m not the only one who does this. (OH, and im in boston and wish i could get your station from here)

    anyways, keep up the good work and PLEASE continue to podcast your recent shows and upload them soon!!! :)

    Viva la revolucion!

    -an Anarcho-Socialist comrade in Boston, ma

  4. Brandon permalink
    November 12, 2009 5:02 pm

    Please update your podcasts! I havent had my fix in weeks!

  5. Sal permalink
    May 31, 2010 8:39 pm

    Haven’t seen a new podcast since April 20th on Itunes, when can we expect something new? Also, do you guys think that the United States has left capitalism and become a nation of corporatism?

    • June 3, 2010 4:31 pm

      In the next few days, we’ll have a Gaza Flotilla show, the Chomsky on SB1070 show, and next week an interview with author and podcaster Doug Lain of Stay tuned, the famine is over and the feast has begun.

      • Ronald permalink
        June 9, 2010 11:16 am

        Hi. Is there any chance you’ll be making a podcast of your Chomsky interview?

      • June 9, 2010 2:51 pm

        I’m just wrapping up the final touches to the Chomsky interview. It should be available in the next day or two.

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